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Stinger Clutch Parts


Spring Color Snow Engagement RPM (approximate) Detailed Schematic
Blue 2400

Click here for clutch instructions

Orange 2700
Black 3000
Yellow 3400
Purple 3800
White 4100
Green 4700


Description Price Part Number Buy
Snow Stinger Cartridge, Orange (List $48.34) $39.86 SNC-0411

Snow Stinger Drum (List $83.54) $74.95 SNC-0451

Spring, Blue (3 pk) - 2400rpm +/- (List $7.36) $4.99 SNC-0422

Spring, Orange (3 pk) - 2700rpm +/- (List $7.36) $4.99 SNC-0423

Spring, Black (3 pk) - 3000rpm +/- (List $7.36) $4.99 SNC-0424

Spring, Yellow (3 pk) - 3400rpm +/- (List $7.36) $4.99 SNC-0425

Spring, Purple (3 pk) - 3800rpm +/- (List $7.36) $4.99 SNC-0426

Spring, White (3 pk) - 4100rpm +/- (List $7.36) $4.99 SNC-0427

Spring, Green (3 pk) - 4700rpm +/- (List $7.36) $4.99 SNC-0428

Shoe (ea) (List $8.13) $7.50 SNC-0441

Key (List $5.93) $4.99 SNC-0498

Drive Hub (List $18.47) $17.49 SNC-0446

Hub Shaft (List $59.83) $54.95 SNC-0448

Bushing, 12T #35, 13T #35, 10T #420 (List $8.17) $6.99 SNC-0501

Snap Ring (Drum) (List $1.78) $1.25 SNC-0595

Snap Ring (Sprocket) (List $1.09) $.99 SNC-0491

Snap Ring (Cartridge) (List $1.09) $1.20 SNC-0492

Cover Bolt (set) (List $7.03) $5.99 SNC-0510

Clutch Bolt Mounting Kit (List $12.26) $9.99 SNC-0513

End Play Washer (List $2.01) $1.99 SNC-0521

Thrust Spacer (List $5.67) $4.99 SNC-0522

Outside Cover (List $7.86) $5.99 SNC-0461

Inside Cover (List $7.86) $5.99 SNC-0462

Bearing, 14T #35, 20T #35, 11T #420 (List $13.68) $11.99 SNC-0531

Thrust Bearing (List $11.28) $8.99 SNC-0536

Clutch Brake Strap (magnum & stinger only) (List $34.95) $29.95 SNC-0499



Snow Stinger Instructions


Thank you for choosing Premier Performance's Snow Stinger centrifugal clutch.  This 4-cycle clutch has been computer designed to provide a maximum power transmission.  A wide range of products to control RPM engagement and gear ratio ranges are available through Olson Brothers Distributing (www.obups.com).  We hope you enjoy this ultimate performance product.




Keep all objects away from the clutch, sprocket, chain and all other rotating parts.  Never come in contact with the clutch with a tool or body part while it is running.  Contact with the clutch during operation may cause injury.


Proper guards that cover the chain, clutch and sprocket are necessary for safe operation.  All guards should meet sanctioning bodies' requirements.  The user is responsible to have proper guards in place to keep the operator from coming into contact with the clutch during operation.


Fastening of the clutch to the powered shaft is the responsibility of the user.


Children require proper supervision when operating powered vehicles.


Wear safety glasses to avoid eye injury when maintaining your clutch.




First, you must determine the ratio you desire to run.  A higher ratio (higher than 1:1) will give you more acceleration, but lower top end speed; a lower ratio (closer to 1:1) will give you less acceleration, but higher top end speed.  This ratio will vary per your particular needs and track application.  Several sprocket sizes are available to accommodate your ratio choices.


Next, you need to determine the engagement RPM for your particular set-up.  This is accomplished by using the different springs that are available.  Refer to the Engagement Chart to determine the proper spring choice.  All of the springs must be of the same color; DO NOT mix colors within your set-up!!


Your Snow Stinger will perform only if the hub/shoe assembly is installed properly.  The hub/shoe assembly will work in only one direction of rotation.  Refer to the diagram to assure proper assembly.


Install your Snow Stinger on the engine with the sprocket "inboard" and fasten it securely.  Tighten the fastening bolt to 250 in-lb.




For best performance, keep the clutch friction surfaces clean from lubricant and dust build up. 


To clean the clutch, first remove the shoe/hub/spring "cartridge".  Apply an aerosol brake cleaner to a rag or paper towel and wipe off the drum and shoe surfaces.  Do Not use solvents, gasoline or soap and water to clean the clutch.


With use the bearings may require additional grease.  Avoid an excessive amount of grease.  We use and recommend MOBIL Synthetic Red Grease.  Do Not get grease on the shoe or drum friction surfaces.




With the proper clutch and gearing set-up, you will feel an even pull when coming out of the corners and a constant acceleration in the straight-aways.


If your Snow Stinger appears to be "slipping" -- first check to verify that the hub/shoe assembly is installed properly; next, verify that your spring choice is not too high of an engagement RPM for your engine.


If your sled accelerates too slowly -- use a higher gearing ratio to better match your engine's power curve.


If your engine is revving too high -- use a lower gearing ratio to better match your engine's power curve.

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